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  • Electro-acupuncture device SDZ II incl. adapter, model 2000 (A.130.0008) Electro-acupuncture device SDZ II incl. adapter, model 2000 (A.130.0008)

    SDZ II Electro-acupuncture device SDZ II incl. adapter, model 2000 (A.130.0008)

    Electro-acupuncture device for stimulation incl. adapter type SDZ II Also suitable for children and sensitive patients thanks to the use of reusable adhesive patches instead of acupuncture needles. Wide range of applications in the treatment of pain and paralysis, efficiently supports the effect of acupuncture needles. - Handy device with modern microcomputer- 6 outputs and 3 wave types with individually adjustable frequencies, intensity - 6 output sockets as well as an integrated timer help the therapist to realize an individual therapy. 1 adapter, 6 pairs of replacement patches, 12 clamps and 6 cables are included- Detailed operating instructions in English/Chinese with illustrated charts and therapy instructions - CE standard guaranteed, 0123/TÜV certificate1 year warranty, - Thanks to its clear design and simple operation, the Hwa To acupuncture device is ideal for both beginners and experienced acupuncture therapists. This electro-acupuncture device combines the latest electronic findings with the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The device uses low frequency pulses (frequency currents) to stimulate the acupuncture points. This improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and has an analgesic effect and strengthens the body's defenses without any side effects. - Frequency: 1 - 100 HZ- Power supply: 9 V or battery operation- Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 19 x 11 cm- Weight: 1 kg

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  • Replacement patches for SDZ-II + SDZ-III (A.130.0011)

    SDZ II Replacement patches for SDZ-II + SDZ-III (A.130.0011)

    Replacement patches for electro-stimulation device SDZ-II + SDZ-III, 2 pcs.

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  • Pointer Pulse - Combination of acupuncture laser, TENS unit and point finder (A.130.0064)

    POINTER PULSE Pointer Pulse - Combination of acupuncture laser, TENS unit and point finder (A.130.0064)

    Pointer Pulse - Combination of acupuncture laser and TENS unit as well as an integrated point search functionThe Pointer Pulse is the next generation of portable locator/stimulators! The Pointer Pulse is the first all-in-one device that combines laser therapy with electrical stimulation so that both treatment methods can be used simultaneously or separately.The device measures the relative skin resistance at the treatment site using sound as well as a green light indicator on the top of the device. The location dependency and the sound level are adjustable. The devices make it possible to locate acupuncture points and treat them directly using laser (LLLT) or electrical stimulation (TENS).Effective, push-button adjustable stimulation enables immediate treatment. Based on the setting of the output selector switch, either a milliamp or microamp current output is generated (i.e. the blue zone on the dial is milliamp).Laser therapy is performed with a 650 nm, 5 mW laser in the device. Three treatment modes are available and can be selected via a toggle switch between the grounding plate and stimulation button: on (continuous laser beam), pulsed (10 Hz pulsed laser beam) and off (no laser beam). The device is successfully in laser mode when the yellow indicator light on the top of the device is illuminated.With its ergonomic design and single grounding plate, this device can be operated with either the left or right hand. The probe tip is removable for easy cleaning. Accessories include a hand-held mass pole with attached cable, a 9-volt battery, a small screwdriver (for adjusting the sound level), a carrying case and instructions. This device is guaranteed for 1 year. The sensitivity of the measurement (up to 500 Ohm resistance) can be adjusted for pinpointing. T.E.N.S. stimulation (2 45 mA / pulse 10 Hz) or laser stimulation (650 nm/5 mW) Spring-loaded probe tips Technical product features: Power supply: 9V battery Size: 210 x 45 85 x 24 mm Weight: 100 g Laser stimulation: Wavelength: 650 nm Power: 5 mW Continuous beam (cw) T.E.N.S stimulation: Output current: 2 45 mA Frequency response: 10Hz (variable) 20% Pulse width: 260 s (variable) 20% Scope of delivery:1 piece/VE, without battery

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  • Replacement clamp for SDZ-II - 2 pcs (A.130.0012)

    SDZ II Replacement clamp for SDZ-II - 2 pcs (A.130.0012)

    Replacement clamps for electro-stimulation device SDZ-II 2 pcs. black/red

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