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    HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP heat lamp (B.800.0015) HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP heat lamp (B.800.0015)

    HerbaChaud CQ 36 HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP heat lamp (B.800.0015)

    HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP infrared mineral heat therapy lamp A modern combination of the millennia-old power of the earth (minerals) and the sun (heat) The patented, CE-approved TDP electromagnetic heat therapy lamp was developed in China by a group of scientists and physicists. It has undergone hundreds of tests in research institutes, clinics and universities in China. In contrast to conventional infrared and heat lamps, the HerbaChaud 3000 - Mineral Heat Lamp has a round plate (diameter 166mm), which is coated with 33 natural minerals that have a beneficial effect on the human body and release Qi blockages. How does the HerbaChaud 3000 - mineral heat lamp work? The HerbaChaud 3000 infrared therapy lamp has a plate coated with a proprietary mineral formulation of 33 different minerals (elements). When activated by the integrated heating element, this mineral plate emits a specific spectrum of electromagnetic waves (light) in the wavelength range from 2 to 22 microns and 25 mw/sq. Mm in intensity. Intended use - When to use the HerbaChaud 3000 - Mineral heat lamp? The HerbaChaud 3000 - Mineral Warming Lamp is particularly easy to use as there is no need for gel or electrostimulation and the device can be used through clothing or directly on the skin. Good results are also achieved when heating deeper body tissue.The positive effects include reduced joint stiffness, increased blood vessel dilation (vasodilation), relief of muscle spasms, sprains and ligament strains. The effect is achieved through improved local blood circulation and increased lymphatic and nervous system activity. The device uses an infrared source that emits energy in the infrared spectrum for localized heating, increases tissue temperature, temporarily increases blood circulation and temporarily relieves muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Simply place the heating probe of the device on the surface of bare skin or on the area of the body to be treated, hands, legs, knees, shoulders, etc. for the following purpose: Relieve painful edema Relief of joint, muscle and bone pain Relief of muscle soreness and cramps Improved microcirculation The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient, as people respond differently to the therapy. We recommend experimenting a little with the device to find the optimal treatment method. The treatments described here are for reference purposes only. If you have specific complaints, please consult your doctor. Times should be taken as approximate and can be adjusted to suit your own needs The HerbaChaud 3000 - Mineral Heat Lamp has a built-in digital timer that can be used to set the desired treatment duration. - The digital timer has a cumulative timing function to check the accumulated operating time to make the user aware of how long the lamp has been operating cumulatively. - An open protective cover made of a metal mesh provides protection and prevents accidental contact with the heating plate.- The extension arm offers a wide range of lifting and extension distances for stability of the lamp head.- Five feet with double castor base for greater stability and to reduce the risk of tipping over Color stand and head: lime green, color base: black 1 year factory guarantee, German operating instructions, 2 spare fuses Approval: The TDP lamp has been CE-registered by TÜV Nord and is therefore approved as a medical device in Germany and the European Economic Area (EEA) in accordance with § 9 MPG.

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    TDP table lamp model CQ12, manual timer (B.800.0009)

    CQ12 TDP table lamp model CQ12, manual timer (B.800.0009)

    TDP table lamp with approx. Ø 13 cm mineral plate and mechanical timerThe TDP lamp (also known as a moxa lamp, heat lamp or China lamp) is a tried and tested therapeutic device that was invented in China in 1980 by a group of scientists and doctors at the Chongqing Silicate Research Institute. TDP is an abbreviation for "Teding Diancibo Pu".Features:The TDP lamp has a plate coated with natural minerals (Ø 13 cm) and is heated at the backWavelength range of infrared radiation: 2 to 25 micrometresWide range of applicationsOften used as an adjunct to acupuncture or as an alternative to moxa therapy. It is either applied directly without needle insertion or is first pricked with acupuncture needles and then irradiated with the TDP lamp (replacement for the hot needle technique)Patients feel an extremely pleasant and soothing warmth.How it works:The infrared spectrum of 2 to 25 micrometres is particularly well absorbed by the human body. A ceramic plate coated with over 30 minerals generates exactly this range of electromagnetic waves at approx. 280 degrees Celsius. The mineral plate (DMC art. no.: Z-28E) should be replaced after 1,000 operating hours.Technical dataRotating and swiveling jet head (plate Ø 13 cm)Power supply: 220 - 240 voltsPower and power consumption: 250 W (electricity costs only approx. 8 cents per operating hour (30ct/kWh*)*Source: Federal Network Agency (as of 01.04.2017)Operating control: mechanical timer. adjustable from 5 to 95 minutes, increments in 5 minutes.Weight: 5 kgThe TDP lamp has been CE-registered by TÜV SÜD!Scope of delivery:German operating instructions2-year guarantee

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  • Book: The Chinese heating lamp, by Dr. Günter Harnisch, 2013 (E.800.0011)

    Book: The Chinese heating lamp, by Dr. Günter Harnisch, 2013 (E.800.0011)

    The Chinese heating lamp, an energy source developed according to the findings of traditional Chinese medicine, by Dr. Günter Harnisch, 2013 It has been around 30 years since the Chinese magic lamp began its triumphal march around the world. Before that, it had passed all the tests in international institutes and clinics with flying colors. Researchers with experience in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) developed the healing lamp. It is able to stimulate and regulate the flow of energy throughout the body. The device works through mild heat in combination with special clays. People have been using special types of clay successfully for healing purposes for thousands of years, especially for rheumatism and arthrosis.Modern clinical studies and practical applications report particularly positive results for poorly healing wounds, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic complaints, bronchitis, high blood pressure, nerve pain, all kinds of inflammation, neurodermatitis and psoriasis, migraines, headaches, immune deficiencies, age-related complaints and even mental and physical decline (dementia), potency disorders, menopausal complaints and insomnia.The inventors of the Chinese healing lamp have already received numerous awards, including gold and silver medals at the international inventors' fairs in Brussels and Zagreb. Their healing lamps are now being used successfully in clinics around the world as well as in the practices of doctors and alternative practitioners. In millions of private households, from China to the USA, sick people are using these devices themselves. The heating lamp helps them to get well again. And it also gives them an extra portion of vitality.NoteThis book provides information on ways to prevent and help yourself with illnesses. Those who use it do so on their own responsibility. The author and publisher do not intend to make individual diagnoses or give treatment recommendations. The information in this book is not intended as a substitute for professional therapeutic help for health problems.

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