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  • SEIRIN type B, with plastic handle, without guide, 100 needles per box (A.200.0010.K) SEIRIN type B, with plastic handle, without guide, 100 needles per box (A.200.0010.K)

    SEIRIN SEIRIN type B, with plastic handle, without guide, 100 needles per box (A.200.0010.K)

    Precise handling The handle of the B-type needle has been improved in shape, design and color. The new corrugation of the handle gives you a better grip. This practically prevents your fingers from slipping on the handle. The needle is set exactly in the center of the handle. This enables even more precise guiding and the usual gentle insertion. The colors of the new handle are now even brighter and more vibrant. Overlooking a needle at the end of the treatment is effectively prevented. Quick opening The pack can be opened quickly and easily with one hand. Tearing open the pack is therefore a thing of the past. The different colors of the needle sizes due to the needle handles have been consistently used for the packs. New packaging The user immediately recognizes which needle size is in the pack. This is a particular advantage when working with many different needle sizes. Easy removal The proven easy-to-open blister is now even easier to open thanks to the additional length of 5 mm. Whether you want to use just one needle or all the needles immediately, this packaging gives you the choice. SEIRIN ® has also improved the sealing of the blister. This means that contamination has no chance. SEIRIN ® is constantly working to support and relieve the therapist in their daily work. Your patients will thank you for it! The high-quality B-type acupuncture needles from SEIRIN have been the world's leading disposable needles for decades. The ergonomically optimized and precisely centred handle ensures safe and comfortable handling. It is made of extremely light, skin and environmentally friendly polypropylene plastic and measures 0.25 x 30 mm. The needle itself is precision-manufactured from special stainless steel. It is diamond-sharpened at the tip, triple-polished and finely coated, making insertion particularly easy for the therapist and virtually painless for the patient. The SEIRIN ® B-type needles are available in 6 different thicknesses and lengths so that the therapist has the right needle for different skin points. These are distinguished by the color of the handles. One box contains 100 needles of one size.

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